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Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Did you know our suggested perfect G&T serve is built upon the science of flavour and aroma pairings that complement and share commonalities with our 11 carefully selected botanicals used in making our award winning London Dry Gin.

The reason we choose a Lemon zest and a fresh Dill sprig is not just because it looks fresh and fabulous, but also for numerous other reasons, allow us to explain:

  1. By using zest and a herb we are preventing any unwanted additional juices mixing into our G&T from the fruit, to ensure it stays as a classic Gin and tonic... not Gin, tonic and juice.

  2. We are wanting to embrace the fresh aroma's from these amazing garnishes, as they pair beautifully with our 11 Gin botanicals used during our distillation process. If our Gin brings the flavour then our garnishes are designed to compliment and elevate that drinking experience by bringing additional aroma, by appealing to not only your sense of taste, your sense of sight, but also to your sense of smell.

  3. Dill & Lemon share some amazing flavour & aroma compound commonalities that make them a perfect harmonious pair, not only bringing them together as the perfect duo but also as mentioned prior, to pair perfectly with our Gin's botanicals. Although one is a citrus and the other is a herb, they share very similar and complimenting flavour commonalities. Bringing herbaceous and citrus aromas together to elevate John Robert's G&T. Check out below for a little intro into their commonalities.

The Dill Sprig is high in A-pinene, a compound that is predominant within the Juniper berry (The quintessential botanical and flavour of Gin), and its second most predominant compound is Limonene, which shares commonality with the Lemon zest (which is Lemon zests predominant compound). So already you can begin to see a harmonious relationship building between the Gin and the chosen garnishes. You may also note the A-pinene is present in Lemon zest, but a little further down the list, linking it back to the juniper berry as a full complimenting circle of flavour & aroma.














This is just scraping the surface as an intro, because if we begin to delve into our other botanicals you will start to see that all of the 11 botanicals used and the 2 garnishes link together, pair together, compliment together and offer contrast in one way or another making this DUO the perfect pair, for your EXCEPTIONAL GIN AND TONIC!

If you don't believe us then why not give it a try, you can order a bottle with next working day delivery over at our online bottle shop LINK HERE.

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