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“There is no better way to look at the world than looking through rose tinted glasses, So why not tint your glass with our new ELECTRIC ROSE GIN”.

With ZERO sugar this gin DRINKS LIKE A DRY and with all natural colour from our delicately selected rose petals this is an EXCEPTIONAL expression and the ultimate allure for any inquisitive gin drinker.

Built upon the backbone of our award winning London Dry Gin, We have added Rose hip to our distillation whilst raising the liquorice content within the recipe to open up a natural and subtle sweetness for balance. Bringing full bodied candied jam notes to the palate. We then steep our gin distillate on delicate rose petals just long enough to extract those gentle, light, floral top notes to compliment our rose hip bass notes. Creating something alluring, fresh and vibrant for your palates pleasure!


Nose: Bold juniper with citrus and candied rose

Palate: Sweet floral Jam notes with a delicate touch of Citrus, Juniper and Rose.

Finish: Subtle anise and lingering tea complimented with a sweet floral after taste.

To check out our suggested summer serves and cocktail recipes head over to our newly updated PERFECT SERVE PAGE for inspiration.

Electric Rose Gin is available as of 01/08/22 via our ONLINE SHOP and can be pre-ordered. Head over now to grab yourself something EXCEPTIONAL this summer!

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