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As we have turned one year old we thought it could be great to hold our first ever cocktail competition on our home turf of Leeds. It is often expected of bartenders to know and to tell a brands story back to the brands owners and reps during their cocktail presentation to show their brand knowledge. This time around we wanted to do it a little different, we wanted to hear bartenders tell us a story, something that showcased a little bit about them, their identity and also a great opportunity to show their personality as well as their skills in drink making and of course with an exceptional cocktail to match.

We held the competition in Leeds at the brilliant independent neighbourhood bar: THE WATERMARK

With exceptional stories from exceptional bartenders we got to see our guests showing skills, thrills, throws and shakes from behind the bar whilst articulating great stories to match their drinks (SEE VIDEO BELOW)! An absolute showcase of exceptional people showcasing what WE L❤️VE the most - personality, identity and creativity!

But with all competitions there is only one winner! With such great talent and close competition it was very difficult to choose, but to help us pick an ultimate winner we had 2 fabulous guest industry judges at hand to help us on the judging panel and make that final decision:

After a fantastic evening of exceptional stories and delicious drinks the winner of our 2022 EXCEPTIONAL STORIES COMPETITION: LEEDS was scooped up by Aislin Steventon (Resident bartender and cocktail slinger at The MAVEN BAR).

A HUGE congratulations to Aislin and to everyone who entered and took the time and effort to create some exceptional drinks that represented some wild and endearing stories. We loved every minute of it! - Stay tuned to find out more about our 16 SECOND SOUR SHAKE OFF SPEED ROUND which resulted in absolute hilarious chaos, and find out who holds the fastest hands in Leeds! (Video coming soon)

**Click the pics to check out each bartenders Socials and show some support***

When exceptional people come together, great things can happen!

Well done everyone!

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