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Using ultra sonic sound frequencies allows us to gently remove the flavours we want from the porous surface areas of our delicate botanicals, preventing unwanted astringencies reaching our bottle. Ultra sonic sound vibration works as a very gentle and delicate surface abrasion. 

We split our recipes into delicate botanicals and hardier botanicals. We then approach each category with different flavour extraction methods to get the best flavours from our botanicals whilst preventing unwanted flavours reaching our bottle such as vegetal notes and astringencies, resulting in something smooth, flavoursome and quite unique.

Vacuum pressured maceration is a very unusual technique which allows us to robustly extract all of the required oils and flavours from our more woodier, hardier and drier botanicals, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to extracting flavours & oils. The vacuum pressure applied in this process is double that which is found at the summit of Mount Everest.

Our very own drinks lab and distillery gives us the freedom to experiment with liquid innovation, allowing us to bottle and capture something truly unique every time. We are utilising and pioneering unusual techniques and approaches to flavour extraction, such as ultra sonic sound vibration and vacuum pressured maceration during our distilling process.

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